From unemployment to chef-d’oeuvres

Being officially unemployed (but I did quit myself, so no hard feelings), I’ve decided it’s time to try doing something 100% different as compared to that I’ve been doing within last several years (which is some pretty boring stuff in corporate finance, if anybody cares).

And how do you know what it is exactly that you wanna do when you are unemployed and free 24 hours 7 days a week? Well, I’ve come up with a ‘brilliant’ plan – I’ll just fall to something I’m the best at, which in my case (well, in my opinion at least), is cooking.

But you know what? It was not that much fun doing it all by myself and then trying to feed down my fiance with all the culinary ‘chef-d’oeuvres’ produced when he’s at work. And now another brilliant idea! I will just drag my friends into it too by either having them over our place and cooking together or coming to their homes and using their kitchens to make these ‘chef-d’oeuvres’ see the light.

So further on, follow me in my kitchen-travelling here going with plenty of recipes to flavour any occasion of your life!

PS A quick and simple recipe of baked veggies to garnish your evening meal following!